As painters, Kopp and Matt are united in their exploration of painting as both a site and an object. In the exhibition, Matt’s small-scale paintings work as a backbone, creating a rhythm in the space. Kopp’s works, being at times unconventional in shape, are expanding the exhibition as interventions in the gallery space.

Marcus Matt is intrigued by the thought of the painting as an object, adding a wooden board on the backside to “lift” the paintings off the wall. His small-scale works suggest a range of purposes, the portable format offering a widened possibility for experiencing the work. Matt’s content is intuitive and based on a personal experience of perceiving the world, of seeing. The paintings are created in one single flow – the challenge is to capture the essence of the memory of his experience, rather than a specific motif.

Duo exhibition with Viktor Kopp
Cecilia Hillström Gallery
Stockholm, Sweden, 2023

Review in Kunstkritikk